-RECORDING Rates / Custom Music - 



Recording Rate - $20.00 (per song)

Mixing - 20.00 (per song)

3 Song Demo - $50.00 

Full Album - $180.00 (10 or more songs)

Custom Beat / Song Write - $35.00 (exclusive rights - $100.00)

Custom Producer Tag - $20.00

(Payment plans Available Upon request, btlucasmusic@gmail.com)


One song is $20.00. This does not include mixing.


One song completely Mixed and ready for Master is $20.00 (unless 3 song demo or album)

3 Song Demo

A  3 song demo is $150.00 plus an additional $40.00 to mix all 3 songs.

Full Album

To record a full album that consists of 10 or more songs is $350.00 with an additional $50.00 to mix the entire album.

Custom Beat / Song Write

I will work with you to create a Custom 🔥 beat catered specifically to your unique sound and image.  Available in MP3, wave, or full track out zip file. $35.00 a beat. $100.00 for exclusive rights (zip included for exclusives). Mixing Included.


 Likewise, I will work with you to write the best Custom song in any genre that is perfect for your sound, vision. $35.00 a song,  $100.00 for exclusive rights (includes full track out zip file and final mix)

Custom Producer Tag

If you're a Producer you NEED a Tag that will represent you!  I will create a Custom Producer Tag tailored perfectly for your hit tack for $20.00 per tag. A Producer Tag provides fantastic marketing for your brand and artistry as well as ensures no one will steal a beat with your tag all over it.  It's a great way to get your name out there and prevent piracy. 

email me at btlucasmusic@gmail.com click the Contact link  for questions!!!